Sell Your Home for a 1.5% Listing Fee
Full-service agents, no hidden fees.
Selling Your Home Has Never Been Simpler
We’re here to empower homeowners and help them get the results they need, fast. This means a smoother experience with no binding contracts, no crazy listing fees, and no waiting around to get the services you need to sell your home.

Let Nexme sell your home

  • Enter your home details

    We ask for this info so the agent is prepared when meeting you.

  • Interview as many agents as you want, for free!

    Save time and money with the right agent.

  • List for 1.5% listing fee

    List for just 1.5% while traditional agents charge 3%.

    Calculate my listing fee

  • Get and review offers

    See every offer that comes in right away and evaluate what is the best for you.

  • Accept an offer

    Working with your agent, accept the best offer in the app!

Avg. saved in fees
Sell your home for a flat 1.5% listing fee. Calculate my listing fee
Where is Nexme available?
Nexme is available in Washington state and Massachusetts.
California coming soon!
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