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Instant tour. Make an offer. Cash back.

How does Nexme work?

Here’s how we make it easy to buy, sell, or finance a home.

Tour a home instantly

When you find a home you like, request a tour instantly and meet a licensed, pre-vetted agent at the front door. No need to schedule in advance.

Get pre-approved, within minutes

Finding a lender has never been easier. Answer a few simple questions and get connected with a mortgage lender that can get you pre-approved right away.

Make an offer and save thousands

Make an offer straight through the app. All of our agent partners commit to taking just 50% of their commission, and we return the rest to you.
What is commission?

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Can I really tour a home in real-time?

Can I really request to interview as many agents as I want?

Can I choose a mortgage lender or do you assign one to me?

Am I getting a “real” agent when I’m listing for a 1.5% fee?

Do I get a check for the cash back after I buy a home?

What if I review an offer and then get a better offer?

Avg. cash back
Home buyers get a 50% commission refund back at closing. Calculate mine
How does Nexme compare?

Faster, Simpler, and the best part? Cash back.

This is how Nexme takes you home

  • Start your home search

  • Take a home tour

    Nexme allows you to instantly tour any home you’d like.

  • Get pre-approved

    Pre-approval can be done in just minutes with our lender partners.

  • Make an offer

    See a home and make an offer straight through the app.

  • Save thousands at closing

    50% of the buyer’s agent commission goes back to you.

Lock in rates as low as 2.875% Connect with our lender partners and save thousands of dollars on your next home purchase.

30 Year Fixed



20 Year Fixed



15 Year Fixed



Advertised rates are from our lender partners.

Where is Nexme available?
Nexme is available in Washington state and Massachusetts.
California coming soon!
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Use Nexme For Your Next Home!

Nexme is the best app around when searching for your new home. They provide excellent customer service and give MORE CASH BACK into your pocket than any other company out there, which can be used to put towards the closing cost of your new home! I was connected quickly with my agent Tom. He doesn’t make me feel rushed into buying a home; helped me take the time to find the perfect place for my family.

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