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We’ll bring leads direct to your phone

Partnering with us is FREE. We’ll find work for you in exchange for providing an excellent experience to our customers.

Free advertising on our website and mobile apps
We want to provide the best end to end experience for our buyers and sellers. That’s why we are looking to partner with experienced and professional inspectors.
Your leads are not shared with competitors
Other real estate websites will share your leads with competitors. With nexme, the leads that come to you stay with you.
Instant access to active buyers and home owners
With the nexme app and instant tour system, buyers and sellers will reach out to you looking for a home inspection.
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24-hour turn around

Fast turnaround allows homebuyers to move quickly in the real estate market

Rigorous vetting

Buyers work with experienced licensed inspectors to ensure safety of our customers and partners.


Buyers are well informed prior to decision-making, giving them the confidence that they need to buy a new home.

Available Locations

Where is Nexme available?
Nexme is available in Washington state.

California, Massachusetts, & Rhode Island coming soon!